Personal hot tubs not only provide hours of relaxation after stressful work days, they are also wonderful for family gatherings and those tender moments with loved ones. But when jacuzzi issues become pervasive, it is vital to address them before Chicago’s grueling winter hits. Not only that, having a fully-functioning equipment is necessary with prolonged use.

Even though well-maintained and good quality units rarely develop faults or problems, sometimes components do fail because of the many parts they contain and need in order to function properly. We understand the inconvenience and disappointment when a jacuzzi breaks down. That is why we always aim to get the hot tubs fixed as soon as possible and with the minimum disturbance.

Our company, a centerpiece in the city’s hot tub repair world, would love to help improve the performance of your relaxation tool by offering you an estimate after an inspection. You will find us not only an affordable option, but you will love our customer-centric attitude and timeliness.

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Leaking jacuzzi – This could be a multitude of problems. Check how much water is leaking and where the leak is coming from before calling us.

Heater malfunction – Usually caused by old or dirty filters, as well as pressure switches that need replacing or adjusting.

Faulty electrics – Can be caused by the heater tripping, if the hot tub has not been filled correctly with water, blockages occur, or chemical level imbalances exist.

Cloudy or smelly water – Usually caused by a clogged or old filter, low sanitizer level, or a water pH imbalance.

Excessive foaming – Usually caused by water hardness, a water pH imbalance, or soap residues.

Strong fumes – Usually produced by an incorrect level of sanitizer or the water pH being out of balance. These fumes can cause skin irritation or burning eye sensation.

Cracked cover or shell – This is usually caused by the sun’s bleaching effect, wear and tear, or dirt.


Not fixing your jacuzzi when obvious problems are identified could have ramifications many homeowners are not prepared for:

  • You or your family may end up relaxing in tainted water, which could have long-term health effects. Think “green foam”.
  • The potential for damaging wiring and other essential components may exist if you fail to address issues. Many home owners overlook this.
  • Leaks could end up turning progressively worse, damaging your hot tub to the point of needing restorative measures.
  • Worst case scenario? You are out spending your Saturday afternoon shopping for another jacuzzi. Failing to maintain your equipment will eventually render it inoperable.


To give residents an idea of what is involved with our hot tub repair, here is a quick summary:

  • Diagnosis – We look at issues identified both by the home owner and service technician. From there, we will plan our repair work based on findings.
  • Give customers an estimate – The price you are shown includes everything necessary to get your jacuzzi back in optimal working order. We will give you a start date or work around your schedule.
  • Begin repair work – Depending on what our diagnosis turned up, we will work on your ozonator, filters, pump, sensors, jets, heaters, circuit boards, or the actual frame of the unit.
  • Clean up worksite – We always clean work areas so they look as good or better than before we arrived.


Here are some excellent hot tub maintenance tips from pros who know the frustration of not having an equipment that runs properly:

  • Never leave your jacuzzi running constantly, especially if filled with water. This not only creates a smelly mess, it is terrible for electricity savings.
  • Monitor the performance of your ozonator. According to research, roughly 60% of older ozonators are not producing enough ozone for sanitation purposes.
  • Always clean the filters every few weeks. Also, replace old filters when needed or call a hot tub technician to change them for you.
  • Never enclose the jacuzzi in a greenhouse setting. The sun’s rays may melt the insulation in the cover.
  • Avoid letting your cover get too heavy that it cannot be easily lifted. Not only does this create an unneeded expenditure, it will damage the lifter.


If you come home after a long day just to find that your jacuzzi is not working properly, you can rest assured that our local repair service will have you back in your steaming hot tub in no time.

Our estimates after an inspection are affordable. You will see every item discussed with you during our inspection. Prices will be transparent and our work guaranteed.

Ready to get that hot tub taken care of? Call us to schedule your in-home visit today. Let us consult you on all things related to jacuzzis. We are a local company in the Chicago area that repairs, maintains, and upgrades hot tubs.