Maintenance of your hot tub is a requirement if you do not want to suffer through future breakdowns. Chicago Hot Tub Repair can thoroughly check out your system from top to bottom and make sure your unit is ready to enjoy. Our qualified technicians can give you peace of mind with a full inspection and maintenance service that includes:

  • Drain the equipment and clean it
  • Inspect the pipes and lines
  • Check the pumps, heater, motor, and jets to be sure they are running properly
  • Vacuum the jets and clean the cover
  • Use cleaning solution to clear the filters
  • Refill the unit and add the proper chemical mix
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If you buy a higher end model grade product from a reputable manufacturer expect a longer life on the equipment versus a blowout tent sale or warehouse wholesaler. A good jacuzzi preventive maintenance program ensures small issues do not cascade into larger problems down the line.

It is beneficial to have a full service if your unit is nearing the end of its warranty to minimize the chances of it breaking down. We always advise our clients to invest in maintenance to avoid expensive hot tub repairs. We recommend that you have your jacuzzi serviced at least once a year to maintain its condition.

If you are planning on shutting down your hot tub for a time, we will fully drain it and the pipes, sterilize the system, vacuum the jets, clean the filters, and apply shrink wrap to protect it while it is not in use.


We have had many service calls for flow related issues that can easily be taken care of by ensuring the filter is clean and is regularly replaced. A good part of weekly maintenance is to check the filter and the skimmer for debris to ensure your jacuzzi is running safe.

Over time the equipment´s filter is likely to become clogged and dirty. A dirty filter can cause the water quality of the hot tub to become quite poor. In this scenario, the filter needs to be cleaned or replaced. If you are unsure of what you are doing, calling a qualified professional at Chicago Hot Tub Repair is definitely a good idea.


The pH and sanitizer level can often deviate from the recommended levels. Preventative maintenance is the best way to avoid having this issue. However, if after cleaning and maintaining your hot tub you are still having this problem, call a service technician at Chicago Hot Tub Repair. Constant water chemistry imbalances can lead to more serious problems in the future.


Issues with the wiring of the equipment can also cause major disrepairs. Wiring problems usually result in a blown breaker which prevents the unit’s various components from working. It is extremely important to let our professionals at Chicago Hot Tub Repair handle these issues as working on the wiring can be extremely dangerous.


Our experienced technicians have helped us earn a reputation in the area for the reliability and thorough service that we always guarantee. Our attention to detail, combined with reasonable prices, are geared to your complete satisfaction. The growing list of loyal clients we have garnered is testimony to the quality of our service.

When your jacuzzi is on the fritz or you need maintenance to insure its proper operation, trust the experts at Chicago Hot Tub Repair. Contact us today for a maintenance visit, jacuzzi repair service, or to obtain a service price list!