There is nothing better than relaxing in your very own private hot tub to wash away the stresses and strains of the day. That is, unless that jacuzzi is malfunctioning. Then it can become a cold source of issues and a general nuisance.

Never fear, Chicago Hot Tub Repair is here. We have been serving the Chicago area for several years, providing the most prompt, reliable, and affordable hot tub repair service available. Our technicians are all completely trained. You will be getting help from knowledgeable craftsmen.

Jacuzzis are complex pieces of equipment that include motors, pumps, heaters, blowers, motherboards, topsides, lighting, ozone, filtration, stereos, led lighting, and hundreds of glued fittings. As a result, repairing them becomes a job for the hot tub specialists. Our jacuzzi repair service will have you back in hot water in no time and our inspections will keep your equipment bubbling away.

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At Chicago Hot Tub Repair, we can handle the malfunctioning of any type of unit. We can even provide new components for older models. Our hot tub repair services include, but are not limited to:

  • Fixing cracks, leaks, bubbles, or splits in the pipes and lining
  • Diagnosing and repairing equipment failures
  • Winterizing and sealing lines and pipes
  • Repairing pipe and plumbing
  • Identifying and repairing heating and motor problems
  • Fixing low water flow or pressure
  • Replacing filter and jet housing
  • Analyzing and maintaining electrical systems
  • Providing replacement covers


In the field we come across many types of jacuzzis that are in the year range where considerable work is required to bring it back up to par. The question often asked by our clients is if it is worth repairing a broken-down equipment. Hot tubs are like cars. They depreciate, act up, need hot tub maintenance, and have an operational cost to them. Like cars, jacuzzis have time frames where repairs seem to be an ongoing theme.

Frustration with the equipment only increases as the repair man makes more regular appearances. So, in comparison to your car we can assume the life cycle of a hot tub ranges between 10 to 15 years before some major internal components and overall deterioration will cause your unit to have continued operational issues.

Yearly inspections, a good water chemistry program, and due diligence are the key to a long jacuzzi life. We can make some assumptions, for example, that a hot tub that has been looked after may need a new computer and pump but will perform admirably for some time to come. Some things to consider for older units:

  • Is the make and model reputable?
  • Have annual inspections been performed?
  • Has the water chemistry been checked?
  • Has preventative maintenance been performed on the jacuzzi?
  • Did you like the equipment performance when it was in regular operation?
  • Does the hot tub get good use for the money?
  • What are you prepared to put out for a new unit?
  • How much is the repair?
  • How much life does the repair add to the life of the jacuzzi?
  • How much time will the repairs take?

These questions when answered will give you a good idea if your equipment is worth the repairs or if you are in the market for a new model.


We have been servicing all hot tubs in the Chicago area and surroundings for over 15 years. We have worked alongside the leading jacuzzi dealers and our industries leading suppliers. Over the many years we have developed an extensive knowledge of all units, new and old. To this day, we have yet to find a problem we could not solve.

Our company mission is to provide our clients with excellent customer service and professional hot tub repairs at affordable rates. Our company strives to develop a rapport with our customers. With us, you will always be a part of the family!